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    LEAD's online courses through its e-LEADer platform save time and money by allowing professionals to gain valuable education in the time available to them so as to increase their skills and improve their working lives.


    The Justice Department has announced that court-annexed mediation will be rolled out in courts in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North-West and Limpopo early in 2018. LEAD offers a 5-day course in civil mediation. Read more here.

    Contracts for articles of clerkship must be registered with the relevant provincial law society. Read more here. Registration for the Admission Exam is also with your  provincial law society. Read more here.

    LEAD's seminars, courses and workshops are designed to update your skills in existing practice areas, to introduce new areas to you and assist you to practise effectively. View our training events for practitioners here.


Consumer Protection Act Seminar (CPA)  (March 2018)- protect your clients and your firm Read more here
Eviction and Rental Recovery Seminar (March 2018) - Tackle the evictions and landlord-tenant disputes Read more here
Conveyancing Examination Preparation Workshop (April, May 2018) - prepare yourself Read more here
Cybersecurity Seminar (April 2018) - Reduce the risk to your firm - Read more here
Legal Entrepreneur Seminar (April & May 2018) Your business toolkit Read more here
Land Claims Seminar (May 2018) - Stay current with the latest land claims processes and provisions - Read more here
Legal Debt Collection ( October & November 2018) Debt collecting in a challenging environment Read more here
Civil Mediation Course (Various dates and Regions) - Read more
Divorce Mediation Course (Various dates and Regions) - Read more



    Introduction to Risk Management for Support Staff Online Course
    Course dates: 5 March to 11 May 2018 Registration closes: 26 February 2018
    No law firm can take the risk of losing its good reputation. This course  focuses on practice management and particularly reputational risk.
    Read more here.

    Legal Bookkeeping Skills for Support Staff Online Course
    Course dates: 21 May  - 23 July 2018    Registration closes 21 April 2018
    Participants will focus on all bookkeeping functions as tey relate to a law firm. including  financial statements, debits and credits, accounts payable and much more. Read more here.


    Each and every member of the law firm has a role to play in the management of risk. The AIIF notes that many PI claims result from errors made by law firm support staff who may have been delegated tasks for which they have little formal training or expertise; ineffectively supervised; given little or no training; and/or are unable to understand the implications of their role and appreciate the consequences of their actions or inaction.
    Read more here.
    LEAD's ACT division provides a range of training courses aimed at upskilling law firm support staff. View the courses here.


Admission examination 2018: The exam dates can be viewed hereClick here to view the 2018 exam syllabus. Prepare by purchasing past exam papers. Read more.


Our nine residential centres and a distance training option provide vocational training for candidate attorneys to acquire the practical skills to become effective practitioners.

School attendance centres: East London | Johannesburg | Polokwane | Port Elizabeth | Potchefstroom | Pretoria - Second intake dates:
Day School: Second intake from 25 June 2018 to 7 December 2018
Night School: Second intake 25 June 2018 to 15 February 2019
Closing date for applications: 31 March 2018
LSSA/Unisa Distance Training School: February 2018 to January 2019  Closing date for applications: 10 January 2018
Read more here.