Debt collecting in a challenging environment

This seminar will cover some of the basics of legal debt collection to keep you up to date on the many challenges faced in this area of law. The latest cases, new and proposed legislative changes (particularly the proposed changes to the Magistrates’ Courts Act relating to debt collections) and the effect of the University of Stellenbosch Law Clinic Constitutional Court case,will be included.

Who should attend:
Attorneys, candidate attorneys, collection paralegals and those in commerce and institutions instructing them.

Overview of the seminar:

  • National Credit Act and debt collection
  • The effect of the 2015 Amendments
  • When is it applicable?
  • Compliance issues faced with RDJs?
  • Interest and costs
  • Collection options
  • Attorneys under the Debt Collectors Act
  • Changes and proposed changes to the Magistrates’ Courts Act
  • Section 57 and Section 58 consents
  • Summons
  • Judgment and compliance challenges
  • Enforcement options
  • Emoluments attachment orders: the abuse and the challenges
  • Latest cases
  • Legal costs
  • Debt review, administration orders and collections
  • Prescribed debts


Dates and venues:
Durban 05 September 2017   East London 21 September 2017
Cape Town 08 September 2017   Port Elizabeth 22 September 2017
Pretoria 12 September 2017   Bloemfontein 28 September 2017
Johannesburg 13 September 2017      


Featured speaker:                

Brett Bentley
Brett has been a practising attorney for 23 years and specialises in debt collection and credit law. He is an award winning legal writer with a number of journal articles on the topic he is involved in a number of credit provider organisations and in various other aspects of credit.

Brett believes in a balanced and ethical approach to debt recovery that stands up for and enforces the rights of credit providers without trampling those of debtors. He is seriously concerned when the balance is wrong and believes it’s vital to future of the profession that attorneys get this balance right.                                           

Registration fees (VAT incl.)
The registration fees are subsidised for practising attorneys and candidate attorneys. Course material and refreshments are included in the fee.

  • Practising attorneys: R1 450.00 pp
  • Candidate attorneys and support staff: R1 320.00 pp
  • Practising attorneys from firms further than 150km from closest venue: R1 050.00 pp
  • Non-practising attorneys/others: R2 900.00 pp.

For more information on this workshop, contact the Seminar Department on or on +27 (0)12 441 4644 and switchboard: +27 (0)12 441 4600

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